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Royal Jelly Collecting Machine
Perga Machine
Polen Cleaning Machine
Ar-Sum Dimmer CY4
Fogging Machine
Ar-Sum Varroclean
Bee Venom Collecting Machine
Ar-Sum Premix
Ar-Sum Varroclean 500 ml
Ar-Sum Varroclean 5 Lt
Ar-Sum Apimak was founded in Ankara in 2016 by Hakan Şen and Arzu Şen. They saw that bee diseases, especially varroa, were combated with chemicals that are even harmful to human health. While the beekeepers protected themselves from these chemicals with masks, the bees could not protect themselves from these harms of the chemical. They started with purely herbal solutions to prevent the widespread use of chemicals in beekeeping. Then they continued their production by developing many innovative and useful machines for beekeepers. As a small family company since 2019, we have succeeded in sending our products to many countries of the world. To our dealers in Romania and Spain; You can reach many of our customers in Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Finland, Greece, Croatia, Austria, Serbia, Jordan, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Israel.

“Our aim is; offering new and facilitating solutions to our beekeepers with innovative and modern solutions to the difficulties of beekeeping shows that beekeeping is possible without using chemicals. We will continue to work harder every day to prevent the increasing use of chemicals in the life of the bee, which is the most important creature for humanity.”

Founder Hakan & Arzu Şen

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