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Ar-Sum Varroa 500 ml (1)
Ar-Sum Varroa 500 ml (2)
Ar-Sum Varroa 500 ml (1) Ar-Sum Varroa 500 ml (2)

Ar-Sum Varroa 500 ml

Product Features

All Natural
It is a completely natural premix that allows you to fight against varroa by supporting their immune
systems without harming your bees.

Suitable for Organic Beekeeping
It is suitable for organic beekeeping with its natural content.

Does Not Harm Bees
It does not harm to your bee as it allows the varroa to fall over the bee.

Applicable in All Seasons
The temperature requirement is found in harmful chemicals that interact with other chemicals. Since
there are no harmful chemicals in Ar-Sum Varroa, there is no temperature requirement. It can be
applied in all seasons, even during the milking period.

No Residue in Honey
Ar-Sum Varroa leaves no residue in honey.


Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus, Hops, Menthol, Camphor, Oxalic acid and Deionized Water.

How To Use?

3-4 pumps are applied on each lath or between laths 3 times a week.

How Many Hives Can Be Applied?

AR-SUM VARROA 500 ml. 50 hives,
AR-SUM VARROA 5 lt. It provides the opportunity to apply to 500 hives.

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