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Ar-Sum Premiks 5 LT (1)
Ar-Sum Premiks 5 LT (2)
Ar-Sum Premiks 5 LT (1) Ar-Sum Premiks 5 LT (2)

Ar-Sum Premiks 5 Lt

Product Features

Effect on Foul Rot and Nosema Proven by University Analysis
Ar-Sum protects the bee against all kinds of diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi, especially
brood rot and nosema.

Antibacterial Effective
Ar-Sum has an antibacterial effect. It helps keep the inside of the hive always hygienic.

Increasing the Offspring Rate
It provides an increase in offspring in eyes that have been cleaned and purified with Ar-Sum.

Ability to Added Syrup
Ar-Sum can be added to the syrup. Thus, the immune system of bees drinking Ar-Sum is


Tea tree oil, eucalyptus, camphor, hops, menthol and deionized water.

How to use?

You can apply Ar-Sum 2-3 times a week inside the hive and on the slatted bees. Applying it to the
honeycombs on the bees and adding it to the syrup you give to the hive at the same time increases
the effect of Ar-Sum.


Into the Hive:
For the first use, at least 4 pumps must be made on each honeycomb surface. In subsequent
applications, 3 pumps will be sufficient.
Ar-sum should be built with 4 pumps on the walls inside the hive, 5 pumps on the inlet hole and

In Syrup:
250 ml of Ar-Sum should be added to 5 lt of syrup.

On Honeycomb:
After honey milking, apply Ar-Sum on the milked combs and put them back into the hive.

When To Use?

Beginning of the Season: You should make a general application to your hives and laths that come
out of the winter at the beginning of the season.
This provides a preliminary protection against diseases you will encounter throughout the season
and during the honey flow.

During the Season: By applying it only to the honeycombs supplied from outside, the honeycomb is
sterilized and protected against diseases.

End of Season: Applying at the beginning of winter and adding Ar-Sum to the sherbet minimizes the
risk of beehive extinction in winter. Next season, your hives will enter the season more strongly.

Syrup Time: The addition of Ar-Sum to the syrup ensures that your bees regain their health and
strengthen their immunity, allowing them to overcome diseases quickly.


  • Do not dilute Ar-Sum with water or any other similar liquid. Use the liquid directly.
  • You can use the bottle directly by attaching the pump assembly to the bottle.
  • Ar-sum will not harm you or your bees. You should apply it directly on the bee.
  • Protect the liquid from sunlight. Store at room temperature

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