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3 Tablalı Arı Zehri Toplama Makinesi
3 Tablalı Arı Zehri Toplama Makinesi


Product Features

Simultaneous Application to 3 Separate Hives
It can be applied inside the hive or on the lath. Thanks to 3 collection units, it is possible to apply to 3
separate beehives at the same time.
2X More Bee Venom Gathering
The size of each collection unit is approximately 2 times larger than conventional devices. Thus, it
provides the opportunity to collect more bee venom.

Operating 3 Units with a Single Battery
3 collection units can be operated on a single battery.

0.4 mm Thickness Stainless Silver Alloy Wires
Current supplied wires are 0.4 mm thick. Thus, bee venom remaining on the wires is prevented from
being wasted. It does not harm the quality of bee venom with its stainless and silver alloy content.

Quality Bee Venom
Thanks to the innovative software, burning or damaging the bee venom is prevented.

Rechargeable System
It provides the opportunity to apply 15 hives with a full charge.

Ability to Adjust Current
The current can be adjusted by the button on the battery.

30 min Working
Each application takes 30 minutes.

Audible Warning
After the application, it warns you by giving an audible warning and automatically stops giving
current to the wires.

Lock system
There is a smart lock system that prevents the glass trays from falling.
(It has CE Certificate.)

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